Energy Efficient Houses: The Key to Success

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Energy efficient houses are a great way to help protect the environment while saving money on heating and cooling costs. There are several ways to build a green home, and just as many ways to upgrade your current home to maximize the use of expensive utilities.

New high efficiency lighting and fixtures certainly have an impact on a home’s energy efficiency, but nothing out there compares to the massive savings to be had by upgrading older windows and doors. Some reports suggest that as much as fifty percent of heating and cooling can be lost through modular box-to-box style fittings.

Taking advantage of V-Weld technology can have the same energy conserving power as all other upgrades combined, making it the single best option for those seeking more energy efficient homes. It reduces the potential for water and air leaks, which helps keep the outside air outside, and the conditioned air inside, where it belongs.

Going green and limiting negative effects on the environment is becoming more important every day. Making better use of the resources at your disposal helps reduce your carbon footprint while saving thousands of dollars over a relatively short period of time. Make the biggest possible difference to your home by installing windows with exclusive V-Weld technology and do your part for the environment, and your bank account!
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The most energy efficient houses all have one thing in common. They all have the most efficient windows and doors available. With as much as fifty percent of a home’s heating and cooling lost through windows and doors, they’re arguably the most important factor to consider when attempting to maximize the use of resources.  Choosing the right solution to this particular problem can be simplified by taking note of just a couple of important factors.

V-Weld Technology

The box-to-box style construction of older windows and doors, while reasonably priced and readily available, requires gaskets and caulking to achieve a tight seal. The materials used to create that seal erode over time and lead to sometimes massive water and air leaks, and therefore, energy loss. V-Weld technology makes a tighter seal without the use of gaskets and caulking and forms a better barrier from the elements. The technology is even in compliance with the most widely recognized energy efficiency indicator.

Energy Star

Only the most energy efficient products on the market are able to attain the much desired Energy Star label. It’s a clear indicator that shows the public that a company is driven to provide the finest and most efficient options on the market. Not everyone is aware that the Energy Star tag isn’t reserved for just home appliances, but also extends to windows and doors.
To develop the most energy efficient houses, the importance of high quality windows and doors cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to reduce power consumption in your home, be sure to check out products that make use of V-Weld technology and are in compliance with Energy Star standards. It’s the best possible way to ensure a greener home. 

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